Volunteer Spotlight: Marshall Simmons

Marshall Simmons has been volunteering with Alley Cat Advocates for about 4 years. He found Alley Cat Advocates when he was feeding a community cat that needed to be TNR’d. He was so grateful for Alley Cat Advocates’ help that he vowed to volunteer for one year to show him appreciation. He says, “After that year, I just didn’t want to stop.” Marshall provides transportation for cats going to and from vet appointments and is available at a moment’s notice to rush a kitty to the hospital when there is an emergency. Marshall has also helped during trap distribution and around the office when called upon. His favorite thing about volunteering with Alley Cat Advocates is seeing the compassion and love shown to the cats. Marshall is retired from Koch Filter Corporation, a Christian, and has been married to his wife, Hannah for ten years. They share their home with beautiful 9-year-old cat Sox.

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