Volunteer Spotlight: Chrissie Lowe

Chrissie Lowe has been a faithful volunteer at Alley Cat Advocates since July 2019. Chrissie loves meeting the caretakers at check-in and discharge. It makes her really happy to see that the cats have homes with loving caretakers. It also means that she isn’t tempted to adopt too many cats! Chrissie came to Alley Cat Advocates because she loves cats and wanted to volunteer. She has found that she loves helping the cats and their caretakers. Chrissie currently has two awesome cats. She works full time as a plant controller (accountant) for a printing company. She likes to bake and enjoys traveling, especially to National Parks. Chrissie is also a 25+ member of a philanthropic sorority whose focus is cancer research, helping cancer patient in the community & providing scholarships to those studying in a medical field.

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