Foster Volunteers Save Lives

This year we’ve had an unusually high number of cats in foster care … from litters of kittens to community cats with injuries, infections and parasites.

Right now there are 84 cats in the homes of Alley Cat Advocates foster volunteers.

Since we began, Alley Cat Advocates has been committed to providing a gold standard of care to our community cats. We do not euthanize cats that have treatable conditions.

Healing Takes Time

Healing takes time. By providing 2-3 weeks of foster care, a cat can receive the medical treatment and recovery time she or he needs.

Outdoor community cats cannot easily rest and receive needed medical treatment in their natural outdoor environment.

And, shelters don’t have the time or space for animals to rest and heal. By fostering, you prevent the animal from being euthanized due to time and space limitations.

Foster Volunteers Save Lives

After a few weeks of medical attention and rest, a community cat fostered by Alley Cat Advocates can return to their outdoor home. And a shelter cat can return to the Kentucky Humane Society or Louisville Metro Animal Services and go directly to the adoption floor to find their forever home!

Interested in becoming a foster volunteer?
Alley Cat Advocates
Ky Humane Society
Louisville Metro Animal Services

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