Financial Assistance

If you are caring for community cats, there are ways to find support that can help you get affordable, or free, food and shelter.

Cat Food

  • Visit a local food bank or pantry
  • Ask your local market or pet supply store to donate broken packages or dented cans.
  • Ask your local market for slightly out of date packages of food. They should be good for several months after the sell date.
  • Ask local vet clinics if they have extra or out-of-date cat food they are willing to donate.
  • Hold a cat food drive!  Your workplace, church, civic or youth groups may be willing to help.
  • Ask local markets or pet supply shops if you can set out a bin requesting cat food donations.


Shelters/Cat Houses


Veterinary Care

  • CareCredit offers a revolving line of credit for veterinary expenses.
  • The Pet Fund – Provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need urgent veterinary care.
  • Work with your vet.  Some vets may be able to work out a payment plan with you.
  • Contact friends and family and fundraise.
  • Plan ahead and start a savings plan.