Volunteer Spotlight: Karla Spencer

Karla Spencer is an advocate for cats. With a long history volunteering for animal groups and a love of cats, Karla found Alley Cat Advocates to be a great fit when she was looking for a new volunteer job in 2015. Karla started volunteering at the Big Fix with her friend and moved into other opportunities as they developed. Karla really enjoys making new friends that love cats and connecting with caretakers at trap distribution and check-in. Karla has raised 2 animal loving daughters and lives with just one kitty at home. She always has plenty of cats around her, though. Working with Alley Cat Advocates, Karla learned more than she ever knew before about all things cats. She has taken that knowledge and opened one of the very few nonprofit cat cafes in the US. Karla continues to share Alley Cat Advocates mission with people she meets through the café.

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