Giving Hope Healing

HAPPY ENDING UPDATE: Hope is doing great!  She is scheduled for her spay surgery next week and her caretaker is looking forward to having her home!  

A few weeks ago Alley Cat Advocates was faced with a difficult decision.  A young cat came in for TNR services that was clearly struggling to breathe.  When the veterinary staff further examined her, they found that she had pyothorax, an accumulation of bacteria filled fluid around her heart and lungs.   The treatment for this involves intensive care in a hospital setting with strong antibiotics, a chest tube to drain the fluids and close monitoring.  Even with treatment the prognosis is guarded at best and many pet owners are not able to afford the costly treatments and opt for humane euthanasia.  However, something about this little cat said that she wasn’t ready to give up.  

The decision was made to pursue treatment and give her a chance.  The tiny fighter quickly earned her name, Hope, at the animal hospital.  The fluid had to be drained multiple times a day as it continued to fill her chest.  Against the odds, she showed improvement.  There was less fluid each day and every day the entire staff at Alley Cat Advocates looked forward to updates. Day by day she made small steps, while she charmed the hospital staff with her sweet personality.  After two weeks in the hospital Hope was ready to return to the Community Cat Complex.  She still needs some additional care and her caretaker is working with Alley Cat Advocates to determine what the best long term option will be for her.  Hope deserves the chance to live, and so do many others like her.  Give in her name to ensure that there is hope for every cat that comes to Alley Cat Advocates.

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