The Future Looks Good for a Vision Impaired Kitten

 When a nursing mom checks in for surgery, her kittens get to come to kitten daycare. At kitten daycare staff or volunteers care for the babies while mom is in surgery and provide early interventions, like flea preventative, vaccines and dewormer. Sometimes we also find issues that require more extensive treatment in the kittens. When this boy came in with his family, he was completely unable to see. All three 4 week old kittens suffered from an upper respiratory infection, but in addition, this little guy was dealing with damage to his eyes. The whole family stayed in foster care while the kittens received treatment and once they were weaned, mom was able to go home. The kittens are almost completely recovered, although the one boy will have vision impairments for the rest of his life. We are working with the caretakers to help place the kittens in an adoption program. Treatments for these small kittens can sometimes be costly, but it is often the only chance at life. Fragile kittens struggle to survive, which is another reason why spay and neuter is so very important.


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