A Senior Cat Has A Happy Retirement

Paul, named for a saint, came in for a neuter in early August. The sweet senior was emaciated, likely due to severe dental disease that made him cry out in pain when he ate. He also had entropion of the left lower eyelid. This is a very painful condition that required a surgical repair. A complicated dental surgery resulted in him having a full mouth extraction (all his teeth removed). He also had to have a feeding tube in order to allow his mouth a few days to heal. Tough as nails, Paul hated that tube and let us know that he preferred to eat on his own! With his mouth mostly healed, Paul is back with his caretaker, being spoiled and pampered while he completes his recovery. We think that Paul will live out his retirement in all the kitty comfort he could ever want.
Complicated cases like Paul’s require extra veterinary care and staff care during recovery. Your donations make life-saving outcome for cats like Paul happen.

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