Volunteer Story- Winter Shelter Pick-Up

On a hot August day, four members of the Alley Cat Advocates’ Education and Community Outreach Team made trek to a farm about 30 miles outside of Louisville. This farm was different though, because you weren’t going to find chickens, pigs, or cows, but what you were going to find was a barn packed to the rafters with Styrofoam coolers. The volunteers worked tirelessly for over 6 hours in the sun to make sure we had enough shelters to bring back with us for the Winter season. Enough can’t be said about the commitment our volunteers put in to make sure our organizations succeeds. These coolers are what ultimately become the Winter Shelters that we give out every year. We will have coolers available sometime in October and will distribute them to residents in the community. They will only be available, while supplies last, so we can’t reserve any of them… However, they are extremely cheap to make on your own. Here is a link to show you a step by step process for creating one.




Building Winter Shelters for Community Cats

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