Helping Jude and his Siblings

Jude is a local outdoor cat who was born with a unusual eye condition like the rest of his family. These cats are missing their internal eyelids that help keep out dust and debris as well as keep the eyes moist. This condition causes the eyes to become irritated, dry, and damage the eyes over time. This trooper is already scheduled for his first procedures the 9th but we need your help to provide all the care he will need. Jude is receiving cryotherapy, which will freeze the hairs around the eye that are irritating the eyeball, so they will no longer scratch and cause damage. Please consider making a donation for Jude today.

Jude is one out of four cats in this family who will need our help!

About Jude’s family and caretaker …

On the day of the solar eclipse late last year Kelly was outside, like most of Louisville, trying to get a picture. What she also saw was a stray cat in the distance. She didn’t see that can again for several days, but the next time Kelly saw the cat she noticed the cat had very young kittens with her. Over the next few says she saw the kittens, nursing, playing around, and following mom around the mousing fields to learn the trade.

Soon after Kelly’s boyfriend started feeding the small family, and as time passed the small family started to warm up to Kelly and her boyfriend. The orange male with the white feet and the long hair cat warmed up much faster and eventually the caretakers were able to pet these two cats. Sometime around Christmas the mother cat left and has not been seen since.

Kelly made the call to ACA once the kittens were grown to get them fixed. Once the cats were brought in to the clinic the vets informed us that these cats had an unusual eye condition. There are four cats in this family that are missing their internal eyelids, this condition causes the eyes to become irritated, dry, and damage the eyes over time. In one of these young cats the eye was so damaged it needed to be removed. Over the next month we will continue to post about each of these cats, what type of procedures they are going through and their progress as they heal.

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