Congratulations Louisville Metro Animal Services

Congratulations to our partners at Louisville Metro Animal Services! Alley Cat Advocates works daily with the LMAS team to find the best outcomes for cats in our community.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer recently announced that through hard work and new ideas, LMAS has achieved no-kill status for time and space!

For the first time in its 52-year history, no shelter pets were euthanized due to time or space at LMAS.

“Our city value of compassion absolutely extends to the animals that enrich our lives,” Mayor Fischer said. “That’s why I’m so proud that Metro Animal Services has achieved a live release rate above 90 percent, thanks to the hard work of the LMAS team, their partners and vo

lunteers. We want to celebrate the work they’ve done, completing a really dramatic and impressive turnaround.”

Louisville Metro Animal Services, the city’s only open intake shelter, finished 2017 with a 93 percent live release rate — the best in its 52-year history.

Key 2017 Animal Services stats:

  • Zero animals euthanized for time or space
  • 90.8% live release rate for canines
  • 93.8% live release rate for felines
  • 37% increase in animal returned to owners
  • 41% increase in animal adoptions



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