Alley Cat Advocates Celebrates 19th Anniversary

Today we celebrate our 19th anniversary. Thanks to caretakers, volunteers and donors, Alley Cat Advocates has been working to empty our local shelters and make Louisville the safest city in the country for community cats since 1999.

Alley Cat Advocates is a local non-profit organization. We provide spay and neuter services for 5,000 stray cats in the Metro Louisville area each year. This focused work in our community is changing the numbers, changing the culture, and emptying the cages in Louisville’s animal shelters.

Did you know that community cats are the biggest contributor to animal overpopulation? Alley Cat Advocates, using a humane Trap-Neuter-Return program, has altered over 40,000 stray cats in our community since we began in 1999. These efforts have helped to reduce the intake of cats into our local shelters by over 63% since 2011 and have dramatically reduced the cost to the taxpayer, overcrowded shelters, and animal euthanasia.

Alley Cat Advocates is a small organization with three staff members and 100 dedicated volunteers, but we have achieved results in our community far beyond expectations.

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