Whitey … in the Right Place at the Right Time

Whitey wandered into his colony weighing only five pounds . . . just half his expected weight. He was covered in grease and smelled like a dead animal. His eyes were swollen and bright light bothered him.

Whitey's before and after photos.

Before and after photos.

But Whitey was also lucky! The colony which he joined just happened to be scheduled for the Alley Cat Advocates’ Quick Fix. When Whitey arrived at the Quick Fix, he was too sick for surgery and instead went into rehab. During his lengthy stay there, his digestive system had to adjust to a healthy, and regular, mealtime. Whitey stopped vomiting, began to gain weight, and overcame an upper respiratory infection. During an eye examination, the veterinarian discovered that Whitey’s left eyelid curled inward, causing his eyelashes to rub against his cornea. No wonder he didn’t want to open his eyes!

Surgery corrected Whitey’s eye problem and for the first time he was able to observe the world around him. He has now been neutered and has grown to a healthy weight of ten pounds. He has even begun to play!

Do you love happy endings? Please consider making a donation to support the medical care and services provided to cats like Whitey who need a little extra love, time and attention.

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