When Two Cats Become Nine Cats Overnight

Melissa’s neighbor mentioned to her that he was moving. He was sad because he couldn’t take the community cats along. He cared about them, but knew that they would never be happy if he tried to move them from the neighborhood they know.

When he left, Melissa started feeding the cats. It quickly became clear to Melissa that the cats were not fixed! When two litters of kittens were born, Melissa’s new feline family grew overnight from 2 cats to a colony of 9 cats!

Even though Melissa wouldn’t describe herself as a “cat person” Melissa knew she had to step in before the situation got out of hand.

She contacted Alley Cat Advocates and scheduled an appointment. Melissa said, “Trapping was easy! The kittens walked right into the traps for food.”


Today, this happy, healthy colony of mamas and kittens are back home. Melissa and her neighbors are enjoying watching these little ones grow and play.

Is your colony of cats growing? Call us today at 502-634-8777 to schedule an appointment!

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