Sean Gunn and Ryan Patterson: Guardians of Community Cats

If you’re a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, you probably know Sean Gunn, who plays a Ravager named Kraglin, part of Yondu’s crew. Prior to GOTG, Sean played Kirk Gleason on the Gilmore Girls TV series.

But what you may not know is about Sean is he has a big heart for community cats! And he’s a strong supporter of the Trap-Neuter-Return strategy.

Sean Gunn will be a guest star at FandomFest Louisville, July 28-30. Besides autographs, Sean will be selling special “Ravager Cat” t-shirts, created and designed by Louisville’s own Ryan Patterson of Cat Magic Punks, a long-time supporter of Alley Cat Advocates. 100% of Ravager Cat shirt sales benefit Alley Cat Advocates.

Check out Their motto is: Cat Shirts for Cat Punks. “For the love of our feline friends. A celebration of cats, art, punk, music, and community.” 15% of every garment sold goes to Alley Cat Advocates.

FandomFest Louisville: Celebrities, Cosplay, Comic Art, Clothing, Gaming, and more, July 28-30. Visit for more info!

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