Alley Cat Advocates Receives $58,900 from ASPCA® to Provide No-Cost Spay and Neuter Services for Unowned Community Cats

Alley Cat Advocates (ACA) has received a grant of $58,900 from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). This generous grant will help ACA to expand outreach to provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and veterinary care to more community cats this year.

“The ASPCA is a key partner in our success,” said Karen Little, executive director and co-founder of Alley Cat Advocates. “Their support will help us to increase the total number of spay/neuter surgeries at our organization this year. These efforts reduce the cost to the taxpayer, overcrowded shelters, and animal euthanasia.”

In 2012, the ASPCA selected Louisville to participate in their Community Partner program. Through this program, the ASPCA has worked with Alley Cat Advocates, Louisville Metro Animal Services and the Kentucky Humane Society. The ASPCA has provided support and tools to help partner agencies achieve their shared goals of reducing the intake of animals into shelters and increasing live outcomes.  Since 2012, the ASPCA has provided Alley Cat Advocates just under $450,000 in support of its life-saving programs, funding that has helped propel our community to that of a national leader in programming for the humane care of unowned community cats.

Louisville Metro Animal Services’ Live Release Rate for cats reached 86.4% in 2016. This compares to 53.2% in 2012. This means many more of the cats that entered our community shelter left the shelter alive.  The animals were adopted, fostered, reunited with their owner … or if the animal was a community cat, they were spayed or neutered and returned to their caretaker and their outdoor home.


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