Ziggy and Rosie, Alley Cat Advocates Graduates, 15 Years Later

Charlotte, a community cat caretaker, recently sent us this note.

“Only two of our ‘Alley Cat’ cats are still with us. Ziggy and Rosie were the youngest of the group that was trapped and fixed by Alley Cat Advocates 15 years ago. They are litter-mates, both sweet and gentle. Thank you so much for all you do.”

ZiggyWe reached out to Charlotte to hear her story. Charlotte remembers a cold night 15 years ago when the first stray cat began to hang around her house.

“We noticed stray cats and of course, we fed them. My husband said we needed to get them fixed. A friend suggested Alley Cat Advocates, and you helped us trap and fix them.”

It was just a short time later that a friendly black kitten joined the colony. “I named him Ziggy,” said Charlotte, who planned to find a home for him. “We did not need another pet and I can remember that a few people offered to take him. It was too late – Ziggy already owned me.”

Other cats came and went over the years, and Charlotte became a community cat caretaker, one of thousands in our community who watch over and feed outdoor cats.

“Ziggy’s my boy; he’s so lovable. He comes out to see when people are visiting. He used to hide but now he comes out more. Rosie is gentle but still so shy. Ziggy and Rosie were trapped at the same time, and they have stayed close all these years.”

Alley Cat Advocates loves happy endings. We are so proud to be a part of this story. Today, 15 years later, we’ve spayed or neutered and cared for over 35,000 cats like Ziggy and Rosie.

Would like to support this great work? Please consider making a gift of $50, or whatever amount you can part with, to help these wonderful cats. Any amount will go toward the average cost to provide spay or neuter, vaccinations, and medical care for a community cat. Thank you for your support!

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