simon1*** Simon Update ***

Look at me now! They removed that painful leg that gave me so much trouble. They’re calling me “tripod” and I’m getting faster and faster on my three legs. I was boney and my hair looked terrible! Now, I’m looking more handsome every day, filling out a bit and my hair is so smooth and silky. My foster Mom loves me to pieces. She tells me how handsome I am while I snuggle on her lap. Thank you to Alley Cat Advocates volunteers and donors who saved my life. Purrrrrrrr!



*** Original Post ***


This unneutered stray male cat arrived at Louisville Metro Animal Services last night. He was transferred to Alley Cat Advocates for care of a broken leg and to be neutered. Upon arrival, we found shards of bone sticking out of his leg. He doesn’t seem to be in pain … so, we believe he has been in this condition for some time and it is possible that the nerve endings to the leg are so damaged there is no pain. We’ll be working with the team at VCA Fairleigh on Bardstown Road today to have his leg amputated. We’ve named him Simon. Simon needs your help. If you are able, please make a donation today in honor of Simon to cover a portion of his medical costs.

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