The reasons behind Rosie’s injury may never be discovered. However, a few things are certain – Rosie has a loving caretaker. Rosie is tenacious. And Rosie will always have a story to meow.

Just a few weeks ago, Rosie suffered the worst injury of her nine cat lives. She was shot in the stomach. The perpetrator is unknown.

RosieAs soon as Rosie’s caretaker discovered her injury, she contacted Louisville Metro Animal Services who reached out to Alley Cat Advocates because Rosie’s ear tip indicated she was one of our graduates.

Immediately, we gave Rosie the gold standard of care. One of our veterinarians extracted the bullet from Rosie’s belly and repaired the injuries she had incurred.

Rosie recuperated with a wonderful Alley Cat Advocates foster care volunteer. And, we’re happy to let you know that she has returned to the careful watch of her loving caretaker. We’re proud to be a part of her happy ending.

Alley Cat Advocates provides the gold standard of care to every cat in our care. Please consider making a donation in Rosie’s name to support her care and to care for cats like Rosie with special medical needs. Thank you for your support!

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