Prince Charming

princePrince Charming found his way to Alley Cat Advocates for neuter surgery. During his exam the vet team found that this shy, sweet boy had serious and painful dental problems.

Prince Charming’s teeth were cleaned, many decayed teeth were removed, and he was neutered.

His oral surgery hasn’t detered him from being a great eater and enjoying his treats. But, there was something Prince Charming wanted more than food – love.

This large cat with a scarred face wanted what most cats do, someone to take the time to get to know him. He may look tough but he just needed some attention. His Alley Cat Advocates foster mom was able to get through his defenses while fostering him and learn that he is really just a shoulder cat. “All he wants is love,” she said, at our volunteer update meeting.

Once he recovers, Prince Charming will be taken to the Kentucky Humane Society to be placed up for adotpion.

When an unaltered cat comes to Alley Cat Advocates in need of medical care beyond spay/neuter, we provide the the gold standard of care.  Please make a gift today in honor of Prince Charming to help us provide the gold standard of care for Prince Charming and other community cats in need.   Thank you!

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