Just like his namesake, Popeye is strong


Popeye when he arrived

Popeye made his way to Alley Cat Advocates when his caretaker Charlotte brought him to us to be neutered. She also shared that Popeye had a bigger issue to tackle. “We tried several times to trap him, then he showed up hurt. We knew he was a fighter. That’s how he got his name,” she said.

He was suffering from a large wound that continued to scab and reopen because of its size and its location on his face. Charlotte said she could see that the wound was infected. Fortunately, Popeye was becoming more trusting of her and her husband. “Maybe a switch came on for him, and he thought ‘People are good!’ We caught him with no trouble on the third attempt.”

Alley Cat Advocates immediately implemented our gold standard of care, and the medical team took extra time to treat Popeye’s facial wound. Now Popeye is asking for your support to help cover the $200 cost of his medical care.



Popeye ready to return home

After recuperating in foster care, Popeye returned home to his loving caretakers and his six siblings, all spayed and neutered Alley Cat Advocates grads. Charlotte says Popeye was cautious when they first met him. Now he hangs on their door screen, begging for attention, and arrives twice each day for meal times.

Please consider making a donation to care for Popeye and cats like Popeye with special medical needs.  Thank you for your support!





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