Niko Purred

*** Updated 11/30/2016 ***
Niko came to Alley Cat Advocates as a severely ill kitten. We almost lost her. But, after hospitalized and care, she was transported to an Alley Cat Advocates foster volunteer. She was kept warm in an incubator and loved and cared for by her foster mom.

Fast forward … look at her now! She’s now taken up part ownership of her foster mom’s recliner 🙂 Niko still needs more time to get strong but she has already exceeded all expectations, just by surviving! Thanks to Alley Cat Advocates friends and supporters, Niko is looking forward to a happy life!









*** Updated 10/24/2016 ***

Niko’s Alley Cat Advocates foster Mom says, “I thought you’d like to see some photos of Niko during his “out-of-incubator” time this evening. His little legs are shaved from an IV he had. He looks a little like a poodle!
Niko’s fight to get stronger is amazing! Thank goodness Alley Cat Advocates was there to help him! I will keep you posted on Niko.”

niko1 niko2







*** Original Post 10/11/2016 ***

An Alley Cat Advocates’ foster Mom, Chris, sent this note to our team.

niko“There’s been a tiny breakthrough tonight. After tonight’s syringe feeding, I held Niko close and stroked his head. I didn’t expect a response. Niko has been too weak to do much of anything.

And then I felt it … the vibration of his purrs! What a sweet sound! When I put him back into his little pop-up, he started kneading the blanket. I think his fever has come down and he is starting to feel better.

Niko is a very sick little guy with a long road to recovery, but these first tiny steps are making me smile. Just thought I’d share the smile with you.”

Alley Cat Advocates is changing the world for community cats like Niko. We hope this story makes you smile, too.

Please consider making a donation in Niko’s name to support care for cats like Niko … cats who need extra care and medical attention.

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