Ms. Kitty

mskitty1When Ms. Kitty arrived at Alley Cat Advocates for her spay appointment last month, we asked the caretaker if she was having any other medical issues. This is a routine question, because for most community cats, this appointment is likely the only vet visit they will ever have.

Her caretaker reported that she appeared to be in pain, barely able to walk, and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. After the spay procedure, she got the antibiotics she needed and her breathing improved. Unfortunately, x-rays and blood tests showed that her joints were severely inflamed and infected, a condition called polyarthritis.

With the right diagnosis, treatment and medication, Ms. Kitty is healing and able to get around again. Ms. Kitty, and all of the cats that come to us for spay/neuter, receive the gold standard of care at Alley Cat Advocates. We believe that community cats deserve the same compassion and medical care that we would provide for our own pets.

Unfortunately, this additional care comes at a cost. In Ms. Kitty’s case, the veterinarian bill for exams, x-rays, blood tests and medications was more than $250.

Please consider making a gift in Ms. Kitty’s name to help us to continue to provide our community cats with the highest standard of care.  Thank you for your support!

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