Miss Agatha

Miss Agatha is like most calicos – beautiful and strong. She looks at people with a certain curiosity and beckons them to pet her with her expressive eyes. However, Agatha’s spark was dimmed.

She suffered a pelvic fracture and a tail and spinal injury. Most of her tail was gone but an open wound remained. Obviously, she was in tremendous pain.


Metro Animal Services reached out to Alley Cat Advocates, and we immediately connected her to our superb community of veterinarians at Jefferson Animal Hospital and Fairleigh Pet Center who were able to provide the medical care she needed.

X-rays indicated that her broken pelvis would heal with rest and without surgery. So, the team went to work to take care of her tail wound. They amputated her tail, keeping as much intact as possible.

Miss Agatha is on the mend. We removed her stitches this week. She will continue to recover and heal in foster care for four more weeks. In the photo, you can see her snuggling with her foster Mom, Jane. (Thank you, Jane!)

Agatha received Alley Cat Advocates’ gold standard of care. We believe that community cats deserve the same compassion and medical care that we would provide for our own pets. This care comes at a cost. Agatha’s veterinary bills for exams, x-rays, overnight care, and amputation are over $500.

Please consider making a gift in Agatha’s name to help us to continue to provide our community cats with the highest standard of care. Thank you for your support!

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