Meet Millie

Millie Millie’s thankfulness exudes from her hazel, saucer-sized eyes. She’ll walk right up to you, look into your eyes and beckon you to pet her without emitting a single meow.

If you happen to miss her signal, don’t worry. She’ll rub her face and body against your hand until you can’t help but show her some affection. ¬†With such a pleasant attitude, you’d never know of Millie’s recent troubles.

A mere three weeks ago, Metro Animal Services contacted Alley Cat Advocates (ACA) about a cat they had picked up who had an ear tip, which means that she had been neutered at ACA in the past. An extreme flea allergy caused her to over groom. This resulted in a bacterial and yeast infection on her body. Her skin was raw and she was suffering.

millie perched on chairKaren Little, Alley Cat Advocates’s executive director acted fast. She picked up Millie and coordinated veterinary services for her. Because of this help, Millie no longer has fleas and is on steroids to remedy her infections. She is being fostered during her time of recovery.

Although she is still over-cleans sometimes, her raw spots are healing, and she’s no longer suffering. Right now she looks like a little black lion. The majority of her hair is sparse while her body heals. However, she has a thick mane around her face and paws.

Karen, who has been taking care of Millie while she heals says Millie “wants to eat all the time” and is full of curiosity. She isn’t afraid of people and longs for their attention.

Millie is a fighter, and she hasn’t let this experience stop her from showing affection and gratitude.

Alley Cat Advocates provides the gold standard of care to every cat in our care.  Please consider making a donation to care for Millie and cats like Millie with special medical needs. Thank you for your support!

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