Kitten Season in January?

sally_winterkitten“About three weeks ago, I started yowling uncontrollably, which never happens in December. Then, I started feeling restless. I couldn’t settle down.

When Whacky Whiskers started following me around, I knew for sure what was happening … I was in heat!

I thought I had a few months of reprieve: no kittens, no male cats. But of course, this warm winter weather had to trick my body into thinking it was spring again. Now I’m a few weeks pregnant, and I’m worried! I wish I had a little tip of my ear missing like ZadieCat. She doesn’t seem to be having this problem!

The weather is getting colder. Scavenging for enough food around my neighborhood has been tough; I’m eating for at least three now! I find a bowl of food here or there, but people seem to be forgetting about us cats this time of year.

Honestly, I’m mostly worried about where I’m going to have these little cuties. Around here, there is really nowhere warm enough for my babies when they are first born in January. Even though I wasn’t expecting to have kittens this early in the year, they are still my babies, and I don’t want them to freeze.”

How can you help?

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