Transforming shelters from places where animals go, to places where animals leave!

Matt Bershadker, President of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), released a Position Statement on the responsibilities of effective animal shelters.

a___shelterHis article resonated with our team. Since we began in 1999, Alley Cat Advocates has been dedicated to collaboration with Louisville Metro Animal Services and The Kentucky Humane Society.

Mr. Bershadker discusses the following themes that ensure the improvement of struggling shelters:

  • Teamwork – When the very best partner with those who are struggling, more lives are saved and struggling shelters improve.
  • Evolution – Shelters must continue to evolve and transform from places where animals go, to places where animals leave. Or better yet, places where animals never enter in the first place.
  • Leadership – Community leaders must step up their support for animal services, both financially and philosophically.
  • Transparency – President Bershadker defined transparency as “one of the most effective ways to build community trust and support.”

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