Meet Lolly

Lolly rests comfortably  in the lap of her Alley Cat Advocates foster care volunteer.

Lolly rests comfortably in the lap of her Alley Cat Advocates foster care volunteer.

Meet “Lolly”, a little Alley Cat Advocates kitty that is currently in foster care. Her Alley Cat Advocates foster mom calls her Lolly because this cutie is as sweet, or even sweeter, than a lolly pop!  Of course, her real caregiver mom already likely calls her by another beautiful name!

Lolly just can’t get enough snuggles and hugs, and makes “biscuits” all day!

Thanks to her caregiver, Lolly came to our latest Big Fix, to be spayed and to get great medical treatment!

Prior to surgery, it was discovered that Lolly had a growth on the inside of one ear. So, in addition to her spay surgery, one of our skilled volunteer Veterinarians  successfully removed the  growth.

Given the fact that Lolly would need a period of time on both oral and topical ear antibiotics, the caregiver kindly approved Lolly’s stay in foster care.

Lolly, it turns out, is also very undersized and underweight for her age, which is about 6-8 months. She is a bit less than 3 lbs and should be in the 6-8 lb range. So, while in foster care, Lolly will be given extra nutrients and plenty of food to help her begin to catch up to the weight she actually needs to be for her age.

Once Lolly has completed her regimen of antibiotics, has gained some weight, and has been given Vet clearance that her ear is good (free of infection), she will be returned to her loving caregiver, who is  probably already really missing her!

Virtually every day of the year, an Alley Cat Advocates volunteer is providing foster care for a cat/kitten similar to Lolly.

Alley Cat Advocates’ mission is Trap-Neuter-Return, and getting cats back to their caretakers and home turf! But if the cat also needs medical intervention, and foster care, due to illness or injury, we do that as well.  We want these community cats to return to their caretakers and neighborhood locations with the best chance of living out a happy and healthy life!

Thanks to awesome caretakers and volunteers, our spayed/neutered community cats can enjoy the good life!

Alley Cat Advocates has created the “Billie Emergency Fund” to help cover the cost of medical, foster and rehab care. Would you like to help us care for cats like Lolly?

*** Update on April 8 ***

LOLLY NEWS! We’re happy to report that Lolly(who has been in foster care since the March 29th Big Fix) now weighs 3 lbs 3oz!

She’s still about half the weight she should be, but definitely moving, at good speed, in the right direction! She also now has more energy to explore and play!

Lolly is still on medications, due to the growth removed from her ear, and we will continue to work on weight gain. If all goes well, Lolly should soon be in prime health! YOU ROCK LOLLY POP … and so does your foster mom!


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