Meet Apricot! He’s a peach!

apricotApricot came to Alley Cat Advocates on Oaks Day 2014. He suffered from a high fever which caused a neurological disorder.

Eight months later, Apricot has been fostered, loved and rehabbed.  He attended his first Alley Cat Advocates volunteer meeting and made the rounds!  He was perfectly at home, visiting with each volunteer around the table and giving each person ample time to scratch his head or rub his belly.

Because of his neurological disorder, he can’t return to the outdoors.  He has found a forever home with the founders of Alley Cat Advocates, Karen and Hoyt.

Alley Cat Advocates provides a “Gold Standard” of care to community cats.

We do not euthanize cats, like Apricot, that have treatable ailments or injuries. When cats come to us with medical needs beyond spay/neuter, they receive our “Gold Standard” of care. Find out how you can help special-needs cats like Apricot.

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