Lolly Needs Your Help

Lolly Needs Your Help

Last Spring Lolly showed up on a country road near a farm. On that very day, a group of loving cat caretakers were putting out traps to take their colony of cats to the Alley Cat Advocates Big Fix. They saw Lolly, a sickly new arrival, and decided to take her along. Their last minute decision saved her life!

Lolly was spayed and vaccinated, but her veterinarian also observed a serious ear issue. Lolly has an ear polyp. It is in her ear canal, but growing into other areas of her nasal passage and throat. Lolly’s polyp needs to be removed. The $1,200 surgery is expensive, but after all Lolly’s been through in her short life, she deserves to live and to move on to a forever home!

Can you help Lolly? To contribute to her care fund, please donate online or mail your gift marked “Lolly” to Alley Cat Advocates at 3044 Bardstown Road, #204, Louisville, KY, 40205. Thank you!

Lolly Photo on 4-2-15 at 3.24 PM #6






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