Going Beyond Spay and Neuter

Community cats come to us for spay/neuter, but sometimes have other treatable injuries or illnesses.

Meet Ella …

ella_pre_surgElla came to us with a severe hernia and evidence of a spinal injury. She couldn’t move her back legs.

We reached out to you, our donors, and you contributed almost enough to fully cover the costs of her veterinary care.

Ella is a survivor. Her surgery went well. Her huge hernia was repaired. Her back legs are still paralyzed, but her foster Mom has purchased a kitty cart to help her with mobility.

ella_and_elliotToday, Ella is recovering with her new friend, Elliot.

Ella says, “I’m doing great. I’m playing and sleeping with my new friend, Elliot, who is partially paralyzed in his back legs. He doesn’t mind that my back legs do not work at all. We love each other.”

Why is Ella’s story important?

In the not-so-distant past, this would not have been Ella’s story. Ella would have been euthanized … no questions asked. Metro Louisville had no options for healthy community cats, and certainly no capacity for cats like Ella that need time, medical care, and foster care to survive.

Ella represents the change in our community. Change in our city ordinance allowing us to provide Trap-Neuter-Return and care for community cats. Change in the commitment of Alley Cat Advocates, Ky. Humane Society, and Louisville Metro Animal Services to work together to find good outcomes for every animal, including Ella!

We’re making Louisville the safest city in the country to be a community cat. We love you, Ella!

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