FIV cats are up for adoption! They need YOU!

Important announcement: All cats are special! But one group of cats here in Metro Louisville is currently extra special…those cats with FIV!

For years, a simple blood test labeled cats as FIV. Testing positive meant that these felines suffered immediate death at our local shelter. Now we know that’s not necessary – these cats can live long, healthy, normal lives.

Louisville Metro Animal Services has begun putting FIV cats up for adoption. We thank you, Louisville Metro Animal Services, for working to save these cats. Now, it is our turn to step up!

Now it is our turn to step up! Please consider adopting!

Please consider adopting one or a pair of these cats to show your love and support for these special kitties. Louisville Metro Animal Services will only continue to save them if we step up and adopt them! These cats are extra special and they NEED YOU!

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