The Data’s In: ASPCA’s Louisville Partners Rocked 2014!

aspcaproIn 2012 Louisville was selected to participate in the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Community Partner program.

The ASPCA works with Alley Cat Advocates, Louisville Metro Animal Services and The Kentucky Humane Society.  ASPCA provides support and tools to help partner agencies achieve their shared goals:
1.Increase live outcomes
2.Reduce intake

Last week ASPCA released our 2014 Community Partner progress report. We are so proud of the results!

Increasing Live Outcomes
Our community-wide Live Release Rate reached 82.7%. This is an increase of 7.1% from 2013. This means many more of the animals that went into one of our community shelters in 2014 are still alive today!  The animals were adopted, fostered, reunited with their owner … or if the animal was a community cat, they were spayed/neutered and returned to their caretaker and are now living a long and healthy life outdoors!

Reducing Intake
Total intake of animals into our community shelters was 10% lower than last year.
Alley Cat Advocates’ work has a huge, positive impact on this number. Every spayed/neutered community cat means fewer cats and kittens headed into our shelters each year!

Way to go, Louisville! You hit it out of the park!  Read more at ASPCAPro

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