Best Friends Animal Society Grant awarded

Alley Cat Advocates has been given a grant, thanks to an anonymous donation through Best Friends Animal Society.

The grant was awarded to three key local organizations, Alley Cat Advocates, Saving Sunny and the Kentucky Humane Society to enhance and save more of the most at-risk pets in the shelter – community cats and pit bull terriers.

“The organizations have been working together for a while, and the additional funding brings more pieces to the no-kill equation,” says Michelle Logan, Best Friends Animal Society.

The grant will help Alley Cat Advocates to reach and save more community cats.  Louisville Metro Animal Services and Alley Cat Advocates work together to provide spay/neuter for healthy community cats entering the shelter before they are returned to their colonies.

Alley Cat Advocates funding will help us to spay or neuter cats and provide transportation and staff to target areas that have the most need.  A portion of the fund were earmarked to provide a transport vehicle for Alley Cat Advocates trappers.

All the groups working together are partners in the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network, a program that works with rescue organizations and municipal shelters across the country to end the killing of dogs and cats in our nation’s shelters.

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