When a Community Cares: The Happy Story of Molly and Whitey

So have you ever wondered if there are ANY good people out there? And what about karma? Is there such a thing? Read this story and BELIEVE!


Ok. First, here is Molly’s story. It starts out sad . . . Molly’s owner takes her to the Kentucky Humane Society SNIP clinic to be spayed. He lives near the clinic and knows she needs it! Sadly, he opens her carrier in the parking lot at the clinic to comfort her and scared Molly dashes out into the busy street. A truck drives over the top of her and rolls her and she runs away. Poor Molly!


Now, here is Whitey’s story. A kind gentleman named Victor, who lives around the corner from the SNIP clinic, adopted a couple of Kentucky Humane Society Working Cat Program cats and set them up on his carport, providing food, water, and shelter for them. Over time, a new community cat arrives to eat and share their space. “Whitey,” as he calls her (she is white with black spots, after all!), needs to be spayed, so Victor contacts Alley Cat Advocates, borrows a trap, and takes Whitey to her appointment at the SNIP clinic. All is well. Lucky Whitey!

And here is where it gets fun! Can you guess the rest? Four months after Molly’s unfortunate escape in the parking lot, a neighbor walks by Victor’s house and sees Whitey under the carport. He remembers a flyer that he’s had on his refrigerator for months(!) about a cat named Molly. He thinks it might be the same cat! And, yes, a quick call to the phone number on the flyer results in the happy reunion! Four months later!!! So, kudos to Molly’s owner for putting up flyers and never giving up. Kudos to kind Victor for feeding the new community cat AND for getting her spayed (despite her wishes, apparently), and kudos to the community for caring enough to help these beautiful creatures each and every day!

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