ASPCA Community Partner: A Progress Report

The grant applications have been submitted, reviewed, and approved. The awards have been given.  Now the hard work begins!

Alley Cat Advocates, the Kentucky Humane Society, and Louisville Metro Animal Services have collectively agreed to focus on two specific goals for 2013 as part of the ASPCA Community

Partnership. Those goals are:

1) Decrease intake into our two main shelters, the Kentucky Humane Society and Louisville Metro Animal Services, by 575 animals as compared with 2012

2) Increase the number of animals that are returned to their owner or returned to their caretakers by the Kentucky Humane Society and Louisville Metro Animal Services, by 650 animals as compared with 2012

If these goals are met, the result will be a decrease in the number of cats and dogs dying in our shelters in 2013. To meet the goals, the ASPCA has awarded the three partner agencies over $270,000 and, indeed, the hard work has begun!

Alley Cat Advocates plays a key role in meeting each of these goals. By increasing the number of community cats our organization spays and neuters, there is a decreasing number of stray, unowned cats that find their way to the shelters. Their nuisance behaviors are reduced and fewer kittens are born — allowing the cats the opportunity to stay in their neighborhoods, happy and content.  And by providing simple, basic medical care to those community cats who do make it to the shelters and need that care before going back home, we’ll be instrumental in helping get an increasing number of cats returned to their caretakers.

We’ll update you through the year. Indeed, stay tuned. We are confident that you’ll agree — the hard work WILL be worth it for hundreds of community cats!

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