Let the Lifesaving Begin!

An ordinance revision that allows Trap-Neuter-Return as a way for our community to manage the population of local stray and unowned cats was recently passed by Louisville Metro Council.

The key aspect of the ordinance revision is the division of our local cat population into owned cats (identified by tag or microchip or owner statements) and all other cats (those stray and unowned), now called community cats. To read a copy of the resolution and specific ordinance revisions, click here

So what does this mean for the cats in our community? Two wonderful things result from this change. For the community cats, they are freed from ordinance provisions that resulted in them being routinely sheltered at Metro Animal Services and then, unfortunately, euthanized. And for owned cats, the presence of a reduced number of cats at the shelter (only those surrendered by owners, the injured and the sick) should allow resources to be shifted so that those who truly do need shelter and care are able to receive it.

So, WELCOME to our new world! And let the lifesaving begin!

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