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Ziggy and Rosie, Alley Cat Advocates Graduates, 15 Years Later

Posted on October 18th, 2016

Charlotte, a community cat caretaker, recently sent us this note.

“Only two of our ‘Alley Cat’ cats are still with us. Ziggy and Rosie were the youngest of the group that was trapped and fixed by Alley Cat Advocates 15 years ago. They are litter-mates, both sweet and gentle. Thank you so much for all you do.”

ZiggyWe reached out to Charlotte to hear her story. Charlotte remembers a cold night 15 years ago when the first stray cat began to hang around her house.

“We noticed stray cats and of course, we fed them. My husband said we needed to get them fixed. A friend suggested Alley Cat Advocates, and you helped us trap and fix them.”

It was just a short time later that a friendly black kitten joined the colony. “I named him Ziggy,” said Charlotte, who planned to find a home for him. “We did not need another pet and I can remember that a few people offered to take him. It was too late – Ziggy already owned me.”

Other cats came and went over the years, and Charlotte became a community cat caretaker, one of thousands in our community who watch over and feed outdoor cats.

“Ziggy’s my boy; he’s so lovable. He comes out to see when people are visiting. He used to hide but now he comes out more. Rosie is gentle but still so shy. Ziggy and Rosie were trapped at the same time, and they have stayed close all these years.”

Alley Cat Advocates loves happy endings. We are so proud to be a part of this story. Today, 15 years later, we’ve spayed or neutered and cared for over 35,000 cats like Ziggy and Rosie.

Would like to support this great work? Please consider making a gift of $50, or whatever amount you can part with, to help these wonderful cats. Any amount will go toward the average cost to provide spay or neuter, vaccinations, and medical care for a community cat. Thank you for your support!

Niko Purred

Posted on October 11th, 2016

*** Updated 10/24/2016 ***

Niko’s Alley Cat Advocates foster Mom says, “I thought you’d like to see some photos of Niko during his “out-of-incubator” time this evening. His little legs are shaved from an IV he had. He looks a little like a poodle!
Niko’s fight to get stronger is amazing! Thank goodness Alley Cat Advocates was there to help him! I will keep you posted on Niko.”

niko1 niko2







*** Original Post 10/11/2016 ***

An Alley Cat Advocates’ foster Mom, Chris, sent this note to our team.

niko“There’s been a tiny breakthrough tonight. After tonight’s syringe feeding, I held Niko close and stroked his head. I didn’t expect a response. Niko has been too weak to do much of anything.

And then I felt it … the vibration of his purrs! What a sweet sound! When I put him back into his little pop-up, he started kneading the blanket. I think his fever has come down and he is starting to feel better.

Niko is a very sick little guy with a long road to recovery, but these first tiny steps are making me smile. Just thought I’d share the smile with you.”

Alley Cat Advocates is changing the world for community cats like Niko. We hope this story makes you smile, too.

Please consider making a donation in Niko’s name to support care for cats like Niko … cats who need extra care and medical attention.

Catster Magazine features Buddy-Bear and the work of Alley Cat Advocates

Posted on October 9th, 2016

Buddy-Bear in Catster Maqgazine

Click to Read

Pick up a copy of this month’s Catster Magazine (formerly Cat Fancy) to see the beautiful face of our Buddy-Bear. Writer Denise LeBeau captured his touching story. Buddy-Bear is a symbol of the changes brought about by our work in the community.

“Only a few years ago in our city, a disabled cat like Buddy, one that couldn’t walk, would automatically have been put down,” said Karen Little, executive director of Alley Cat Advocates. Today, in 2016, that kind of automatic thinking no longer happens.

Read Buddy’s story below. And, pick up this month’s issue of Catster Magazine!

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

budd2Buddy’s Story shared April 2016

A long-haired charcoal feline with a thick mane and bright eyes was brought to a Louisville animal shelter in early February, dragging his back legs, unable to stand or use a litter box. No one knew how he was injured and if he had any hope of ever walking again. In many cases like this, if the injury is the result of a broken pelvis, the cat can usually be healed with two months of cage rest.

Sadly, an x-ray revealed that Buddy-Bear’s injury was not a broken pelvis but a bullet lodged in his spinal cord. The damage was unfortunately permanent

“Only a few years ago in our city, a disabled cat like this, one that couldn’t walk, would automatically have been put down by shelter workers,” said Karen Little, executive director of Alley Cat Advocates. Today, in 2016, that kind of automatic thinking no longer happens.

Euthanasia would have likely been Buddy-Bear’s fate in the past, if not for the perseverance of Little and the work of Alley Cat Advocate volunteers to change the culture of how community cats are viewed in Louisville.

Alley Cat Advocates is changing the culture, one cat at a time!

budd1“All cats, no matter whether they are owned cats or community cats, deserve the same level of care,” said Little, meaning that Buddy-Bear deserved a chance at a normal, happy life, just as any other cat.

Buddy-Bear is currently being fostered by Alley Cat Advocates volunteers, along with other community cats that need special medical care.

Buddy-Bear attended a recent community update meeting and was delighted to slide around the table, seeking attention and nuzzling arms and hands that reached out for him.

Please consider making a gift today to help us help other cats like Buddy-Bear.

It’s time to pre-order your 2017 Alley Cat Advocates Calendar!

Posted on October 8th, 2016

Sample PagesThe Alley Cat Advocates 2017 wall calendar features our 13 photo contest winners and many of your wonderful kitties. Get yours today!

These beautiful, cat-filled, full-color, 14-page wall calendars make the perfect gift or stocking-stuffer for friends, family and co­workers.

Calendars are $18 each, with free shipping and handling. Calendars will be shipped to you in November.

All proceeds from the sale of the 2017 wall calendar will be used to provide spay or neuter services, vaccinations and medical care for community cats in our community!

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Miss Agatha

Posted on October 4th, 2016

Miss Agatha is like most calicos – beautiful and strong. She looks at people with a certain curiosity and beckons them to pet her with her expressive eyes. However, Agatha’s spark was dimmed.

She suffered a pelvic fracture and a tail and spinal injury. Most of her tail was gone but an open wound remained. Obviously, she was in tremendous pain.


Metro Animal Services reached out to Alley Cat Advocates, and we immediately connected her to our superb community of veterinarians at Jefferson Animal Hospital and Fairleigh Pet Center who were able to provide the medical care she needed.

X-rays indicated that her broken pelvis would heal with rest and without surgery. So, the team went to work to take care of her tail wound. They amputated her tail, keeping as much intact as possible.

Miss Agatha is on the mend. We removed her stitches this week. She will continue to recover and heal in foster care for four more weeks. In the photo, you can see her snuggling with her foster Mom, Jane. (Thank you, Jane!)

Agatha received Alley Cat Advocates’ gold standard of care. We believe that community cats deserve the same compassion and medical care that we would provide for our own pets. This care comes at a cost. Agatha’s veterinary bills for exams, x-rays, overnight care, and amputation are over $500.

Please consider making a gift in Agatha’s name to help us to continue to provide our community cats with the highest standard of care. Thank you for your support!