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Alley Cat Advocates Receives $58,900 from ASPCA® to Provide No-Cost Spay and Neuter Services for Unowned Community Cats

Posted on April 5th, 2017

Alley Cat Advocates (ACA) has received a grant of $58,900 from The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). This generous grant will help ACA to expand outreach to provide spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and veterinary care to more community cats this year.

“The ASPCA is a key partner in our success,” said Karen Little, executive director and co-founder of Alley Cat Advocates. “Their support will help us to increase the total number of spay/neuter surgeries at our organization this year. These efforts reduce the cost to the taxpayer, overcrowded shelters, and animal euthanasia.”

In 2012, the ASPCA selected Louisville to participate in their Community Partner program. Through this program, the ASPCA has worked with Alley Cat Advocates, Louisville Metro Animal Services and the Kentucky Humane Society. The ASPCA has provided support and tools to help partner agencies achieve their shared goals of reducing the intake of animals into shelters and increasing live outcomes.  Since 2012, the ASPCA has provided Alley Cat Advocates just under $450,000 in support of its life-saving programs, funding that has helped propel our community to that of a national leader in programming for the humane care of unowned community cats.

Louisville Metro Animal Services’ Live Release Rate for cats reached 86.4% in 2016. This compares to 53.2% in 2012. This means many more of the cats that entered our community shelter left the shelter alive.  The animals were adopted, fostered, reunited with their owner … or if the animal was a community cat, they were spayed or neutered and returned to their caretaker and their outdoor home.


Alley Cat Advocates Celebrates 18 Years

Posted on February 19th, 2017

jumpforjoyCommunity cats jump for joy as Alley Cat Advocates celebrates 18 years of making Louisville the safest city in the country for community cats!

Since 1999, Alley Cat Advocates has spayed or neutered, vaccinated and provided our gold standard of veterinary care to over 35,000 unowned community cats in and around our city. Please consider making a donation to support this great work for community cats!

Whitey … in the Right Place at the Right Time

Posted on February 19th, 2017

Whitey wandered into his colony weighing only five pounds . . . just half his expected weight. He was covered in grease and smelled like a dead animal. His eyes were swollen and bright light bothered him.

Whitey's before and after photos.

Before and after photos.

But Whitey was also lucky! The colony which he joined just happened to be scheduled for the Alley Cat Advocates’ Quick Fix. When Whitey arrived at the Quick Fix, he was too sick for surgery and instead went into rehab. During his lengthy stay there, his digestive system had to adjust to a healthy, and regular, mealtime. Whitey stopped vomiting, began to gain weight, and overcame an upper respiratory infection. During an eye examination, the veterinarian discovered that Whitey’s left eyelid curled inward, causing his eyelashes to rub against his cornea. No wonder he didn’t want to open his eyes!

Surgery corrected Whitey’s eye problem and for the first time he was able to observe the world around him. He has now been neutered and has grown to a healthy weight of ten pounds. He has even begun to play!

Do you love happy endings? Please consider making a donation to support the medical care and services provided to cats like Whitey who need a little extra love, time and attention.

Indiana Caretaker Alert

Posted on January 28th, 2017

bflegislativeA legislative alert for Indiana has been posted by the Best Friends Legislative Action Center.

Please take a moment to review the proposed bill (HB 1441) and consider taking action and sharing this information.

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Alley Cat Advocates Receives $86,000 from PetSmart Charities® to to Provide No-Cost Spay/Neuter Services for Unowned Community Cats

Posted on January 28th, 2017

PetSmart_Charities_USAlley Cat Advocates (ACA) has received a grant of $86,000 from PetSmart Charities®, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America. The funds will help ACA reduce the number of cats euthanized in local shelters by providing spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and veterinary care for more than 2,100 unowned community cats in southwest Louisville.

Working through the ACA Neighborhoods Program, cat caretakers who live in the Jefferson County zip codes 40208, 40209, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40216, 40217, 40219, 40258 and 40272 are eligible for spay/neuter services for unowned community cats at no cost.

These zip codes will be targeted because Louisville Metro Animal Services – the city’s municipal shelter – sees the highest intake of community cats from these zip codes due to cat overpopulation and breeding.

“We are excited to increase the total number of spay/neuter surgeries at our organization and look forward to an exciting year as we work to reduce euthanasia of healthy cats in our community,” said Karen Little, executive director and co-founder of Alley Cat Advocates. “Our Alley Cat Neighborhoods program has become a model for other organizations across the country and the continued funding from PetSmart Charities will generate even more enthusiasm for the success our work generates.”

PetSmart Charities has been a partner of Alley Cat Advocates since 2010. The ACA Neighborhoods Program, supported by PetSmart Charities, has achieved remarkable success in reducing the stray cat population in Metro Louisville. Targeting the zip codes from which Metro Animal Services has the highest intake of animals, Alley Cat Advocates has helped reduce the number of cats that end up in our municipal shelter by over 63% since 2009. Alley Cat Advocates expects to continue this trend as efforts continue to be focused in these zip codes.

PetSmart Charities aims to proactively prevent pet homelessness and assist pets in need through many efforts including facilitating adoption and increasing spay and neuter initiatives. With the help of animal welfare partners, including Alley Cat Advocates, PetSmart Charities has funded more than 1.4 million spay and neuter surgeries in the U.S. since 2009.