Sponsor a Community Cat

Make a life-saving gift for one community cat every month!  Your gift will ensure fewer unwanted litters of kittens, help control overpopulation, save a female cat from the cycle of pregnancy, and extend the life of a male cat who will no longer fight and roam.  Together, we’ll make Louisville the safest city in the country to be a community cat!

What does a community cat sponsorship cost?

What does sponsorship provide for a community cat?

  • Spay or neuter, vaccinations, ear-mite and flea treatment, a veterinary check-up, and an ear-tip.
  • When needed the cat is kept in our care by one of our foster volunteers until they are ready to return to their neighborhood.
  • Some cats come to us with medical needs beyond spay/neuter, for example the treatment of a wound or an upper respiratory infection. If a sponsored cat requires additional care, we will contact you to share the information. You will have the opportunity to make an additional contribution for this cat’s care … but this additional gift is completely optional.

Your Role as a Sponsor

  • It takes money to provide care for our community cats – just as we would care for our own pets. Your monthly support provides the care, changing the life of the cat you sponsored, and changing the numbers and future for community cats in our city.

Start Your Sponsorship

Choose the payment option that is easiest for you to begin helping community cats today!