Fantastic News for Louisville’s Animals!

Louisville has been selected an ASPCA Partner Community! As a partner community, Alley Cat Advocates, the Kentucky Humane Society, and Louisville Metro Animal Services will work with the ASPCA to increase the number of cats’ and dogs’ lives saved in … Continued

Cats Encourage Obesity in Louisville

They don’t really . . . but they’d love to have you shop LOTS at Kroger and use your Alley Cat Advocates Kroger Gift Card every time you do! For every dollar you put on your Kroger Gift Card, Kroger … Continued

Operation City Kitty!

What a joy it is to report on this fantastic program! Community cats (previously called stray or unowned cats) have been euthanized by the hundreds in our community and in others across the country for years just because they didn’t … Continued

Let’s Celebrate Expanding the Options!

Two years ago . . . Imagine your name is Susie. You’re a beautiful long hair, cream colored kitty with loving owners — until they moved last month and left you behind. (Reason unknown. It makes no difference, really, to … Continued

Food, Water, Shelter!

Food. Provide your community cats with the highest quality food possible. The better the food, the easier it is on their stomachs. If you need help feeding your crew, call us at 502-634-8777 for referrals to local cat food banks! … Continued

Karen Little Wins Bell Award

Written By: Martha Elson Courier-Journal Karen Little of Old Louisville admits she’s become obsessed with controlling the stray cat population. Her aim, through the Alley Cat Advocates volunteer group she founded with her husband 12 years ago, is to prevent … Continued