Board Member Spotlight: Tim Lawson

Tim Lawson has been with Alley Cat Advocates for one year as a board member/vice chair. In addition to ongoing duties in working with the board and executive director to guide the organization through advice and decision-making, Tim has assisted in developing public relations plans around specific initiatives and fundraising, created and promoted a fall 2019 fundraising event, assisted with the development of a re-branding campaign with a team of UofL college students and coordinated event logistics, media relations and communications outreach for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new facility in February of this year. As a cat owner for most of his life and currently the cat parent of two (very active) four-year old males, he has always had an interest in animal welfare. Tim always had a strong connection with most animals and feels strongly that they all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. He wanted to get involved with some type of organization that improved the lives of animals as well as the community. Having heard of Alley Cat Advocates for years, he finally inquired about getting involved on the board and joined. Tim especially enjoys the camaraderie among board members who share the same concerns and passion for helping community cats and enhancing their lives. Tim has two four-year-old male cats named Sam and Gus. While they are sleeping or chasing one another or wreaking some kind of havoc, he works for a public relations firm here in Louisville. There, he works with multiple clients to develop strategic communications that support their nonprofit missions or business objectives. Tim considers himself lucky to work with several nonprofits that do amazing work in the spaces of community health/physical fitness, the arts and mental health. Tim was born and raised in Louisville, and most of his family lives in the area. His hobbies include swimming, yoga, gardening, landscaping, travelling and reading.


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