Spotlight on Stephanie Gillis, Cat Care Coordinator

Almost one year ago, Alley Cat Advocates welcomed Stephanie Gillis to our team as our full-time Cat Care Coordinator. Stephanie brings excellent animal care experience, a tremendous work-ethic, and a passion for changing the world for community cats. But nothing prepared her for the awesomeness of working with cat caretakers and being out in our community every day.

Stephanie leads our trapping team. This team traps cats in high risk areas and for caretakers who are elderly or disabled. She also coordinates all of our cat care and foster work for cats who need additional medical services beyond spay and neuter.

Stephanie says the best part of her job is watching the cats, trying to be more patient than they are, and then being rewarded for that patience by successfully trapping and getting help for that cat. And then the next cat. And the next.

One trapping location stands out in her mind. “In the coldest week of January I trapped 32 cats in three days, then trapped 12 more the following week. That’s 44 cats in one place! We are definitely making a difference.”

Gillis looks forward to mastering the skills of Trap-Neuter-Return. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her long-term goal is “to be a voice for those who cannot speak, and I hope to be a very loud one!”

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